Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

In response to the WordPress Daily Postโ€™s Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Your inspiration this week is windows. Use a window to frame your shot.

Victorian Window
Victorian cottage window with wash bowl, jug and soap in a Working Class House

Cottage Pottery
Victorian cottage window pottery display and summer garden
Victorian Window
Victorian window and beautiful ornaments
The Observer
victorian writing desk with a beautiful landscape view
Victorian Spring View
victorian writing desk with a flower garden view
Victorian Kitchen Window
victorian kitchen with a view through the beautiful window
Flower Display
ancient church window with a beautful flower display
Spring View
victorian Bell Shaped Glass Domes for covering food with spring view.
Church of Light
ancient church window and Celtic cross bathed in sun light
The Holy Bible
stained glass window, flowers and Bible
Chapel Light
sunlight through the ancient chapel window illuminating the old Bible and Celtic cross
Victorian Torture Chamber
Prison window – As a form of work or punishment prisoners were made to turn the handle of a handcrank – a totally repetitive and meaningless exercise.
Adults had to turn up to 14,480 revolutions a day – 1,800 turns an hour

Thank you for looking, I always appreciate your visit :)

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