Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge:Jubilant

It was a very jubilant moment when i was invited to the Oulton Park Vintage Car Festival on Saturday 21st May 2016

Iris Tourer 1912
Iris was a British car brand that was manufactured from 1906-1925 by Legros & Knowles Ltd in Willesden, London and Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. The Iris cars were luxury vehicles with large, water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engines. A striking feature of all models was the diamond shaped radiator grill. Colour version available
Classic Morgans
The Morgan Motor Company is a family-owned British motor car manufacturer that was founded in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan
Dodge Four Tourer
1925 Dodge Four Tourer
Jaguar E-Type 4.2
The Jaguar E-Type or the Jaguar XK-E for the North American market is a British sports car, which was manufactured by Jaguar Cars Ltd between 1961 and 1975. Its combination of beauty, high performance, and competitive pricing established the marque as an icon of 1960s motoring. At a time when most cars had drum brakes, live rear axles, and mediocre performance, the E-Type sprang on the scene with 150 mph and a sub-7 second 0-60 time, monocoque construction, disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, independent front and rear suspension, and unrivaled looks. The E-Type was based on Jaguar’s D-Type racing car which had won the 24 Hours of Le Mans three consecutive years 1955-1957
Spitfire Mk. IX, serial no. EN398, JE-J Personal aircraft of W/Cdr Johnnie Johnson, commanding officer of the Kenley Wing Summer 1943 The Supermarine Spitfire is a British single-seat fighter aircraft that was used by the Royal Air Force and many other Allied countries before, during and after the Second World War. Introduced in 1938


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