August Photos 2019

Some of my recent photos and edits, a mixed bunch as I get bored editing similar photos one after another, hope you like them; let me know in the comments below if you have a favourite.

Winter rapids at sunset Snowdonia National Park, north Wales, UK
The Afon [River] Nant Peris in the Nant Peris Pass between the Glyders and Snowdon mountain ranges above Llanberis. Snowdonia north Wales UK
A small mountain stream leading into Ogwen lake at the foot of Tryfan mountain, Snowdonia, north Wales, UK
The Snowdon Horseshoe from Llynnau Mymbyr. The Mymbyr lakes are located in a very beautiful spot on the outskirts of Capel Curig, north Wales, UK. Blessed with one of the best views in Snowdonia – that being the dramatic Snowdon horseshoe.
Mymbyr lake located in a very beautiful spot on the outskirts of Capel Curig, north Wales, UK. With one of the best views of Snowdonia
Winter at Padarn lake, a glacially formed lake in Snowdonia, looking towards mount Snowdon and dolbadarn castle, llanberis, Gwynedd, north Wales, UK.
close up of rain on a garden rose
Peace rose, formally Rosa Madame A. Meillan’, is a well-known and successful garden rose. The cultivar has large flowers of a light yellow to cream color, slightly flushed at the petal edges with crimson-pink.
Sempervivum is a genus of about 40 species of flowering plants in the Crassulaceae family, commonly known as houseleeks. Other common names include liveforever and hen and chicks. They are succulent perennials forming mats composed of tufted leaves in rosettes.
At the time this piece was created, watch movements and cases were sold separately. A watchmaker would craft each timepiece by hand, and then wholesale his movements to jewellers, who might either fit the piece in a particular case, or, allow the customer to choose a case and watch separately. This custom has resulted in many watches which bear the name of one person or maker on the movement and a different one on the case or face of the watch. The movement of this watch is a fusee, a rare type of movement that runs not just on coiled springs, but also employs a grooved cone wound with a tiny chain, which coils around another post in a pulley system. Inspired by the winches and counter balances of the rigging of sailing ships, this method was used to refine the timekeeping of the movement by regulating the speed at which the mainspring unwinds. This movement is inscribed with the watchmakers name, Char Davidson, and home city: London. Research could provide no watchmakers registered in London around this time with the name of Davidson, however, a Charles Davidson, watchmaker was operating at this time near Dundee, Scotland. It cannot be proved, but it’s believed that this watch was made in Scotland, but inscribed with the city of sale – London – instead of the city of manufacture – Dundee. There are several reasons that this might have been done, but the most likely is simply to fetch a higher price for a piece marked with the cosmopolitan city ‘London’! This watch, like all fusee movements, is a key wind. Dates back to around 1793

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