The End

The worst year of my life, I was devastated by the sudden death of my Mother earlier in the year, Mom fell over Christmas 2016 breaking her hip, she had a hip replacement operation in January a day after her 84th birthday this being her 2nd hip replacement in 4 years.

All seemed well as Mom was back on her feet a day after the operation and wanted to come home asap, after being home a few weeks she ended up mostly bed ridden from swelling ankles, Mom had heart surgery 30 plus years ago, doctors are careful what medication they give her, always delaying the process, a few weeks passed and Mom seemed less coherent than her normal bright self. Doctors thought maybe an infection, she had been diagnosed a year back with a stomach disease Diverticulitis, so a course of antibiotics was given then another and another.

As normal I check Mom first thing in the morning if she hasn’t called me, she was fast asleep which was good to see as Mom hardly slept more than a few hours each night, I checked back a few times and still asleep, very unusual I thought, after a few hours she came around but wasn’t making sense and her words all mixed up and confused, at this point I said to my Dad I think I need to call the Doctor.

The Doctor requested and ambulance and Mom was whisked off to our local hospital a few miles away with me following in the car, early diagnosis was they had no idea what was wrong with Mom maybe a stroke or an infection which was also causing the Aphasia – difficulty in conveying thoughts through speech.

Over the weeks she was moved from ward to ward and was going downhill fast, still making little sense when she was trying to communicate, at one point she refused all medication and wasn’t eating, she said she wouldn’t be coming out of the hospital. Obviously we had a lot of faith in the hospital as it’s not the first time Mother had been near death in her previous 84 years, after many calls and talks with the hospital staff they told me Mom need and operation on her stomach, unfortunately by the time they had found the proper specialist to see her she was beyond help, they found a big mass of impacted faeces blocking her bowel with a 10% chance of survival, the morning of the 14 April 2017 Mom passed away, her last words to me – help me!
These two words haunt me daily.

It’s been a very difficult year for my Dad and I, having the motivation to do anything is virtually impossible and trying to communicate with people even more so, they say time heals, this is the first time I have been able to write anything about this, I’m only mentioning this now as most of us take life for granted unless we have gone through some traumatic event ourselves,  so please, contact, call, message or even better go and hug your family and friends immediately and don’t leave it till another time as there may not be another time …..

Mom and Dad

2018 is just around the corner, keep it in mind that you live only once, life is shorts, rules are meant to be broken and having fun and creating memories are all that counts.

Wishing you a happy and magical New Year. Hope it brings you lots of joy and happiness. All the best


29 thoughts on “The End

  1. I’m so sorry to read this. I lost both my parents early in the year, a month apart. It was devastating. It was expected with my mother, but then a real shock with my Dad.
    We will always play out those final moments, the things that were said or not said. It’s human nature, but I hope you can see past this and remember the good times.
    I hope 2018 brings some happiness.

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  2. Sad to read of your hurt and grief!
    Yes, let’s say goodbye to 2017 and as you end your post… life is meant to be lived and it is short! I hope 2018 brings more joy and fulfilment!
    God bless!
    PS – Remember, you bring many joy with your great photography! Let that be a positive driver for you, even when at times you don’t really have the energy to care!

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  3. My deepest condolences on the passing of your dear Mother. It’s a loss that hurts the heart in such a way that it seems like it will never heal. Eventually, it does but with a yearning for another day with them still on our minds; along with the what if’s. May your heart heal in 2018 and joy reenter the places left empty.
    Isadora 😎

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  4. Dear Adrian,
    I am so sad for you. Take time to mourn and work through this tragic event. It’s been a year now since my Mom went to Heaven. I am still struggling with things that happened about her health. I still tell her that I love her. God bless you with peace.

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  5. I’m so very sorry your year was difficult but am happy you’re now in a place where you were able to share with your blogger family. May you find peace and comfort with each passing day and keep taking your beautiful pictures… have a gift that I’m sure your mother also enjoyed so each image can be a tribute to her!

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  6. It is amazing how quickly time goes by and things seem like they were just yesterday. I cannot imagine the pain you had with the loss of your mother. I remember you and I talking about your mum, I could tell you were very close. I’m sure you have many fond memories of your time together with your mum , always keep some of the special ones tucked away just for you.

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  7. Dearest Adrian … saw your post with your riveting title as I was going through Twitter this afternoon and had to come read. Just so so sorry. My friend … I can offer no words of wisdom or comfort … only the bond of compassion and understanding. The road to recovery from a loss like this is a long one … there’s no destination … no ending … just the blessing of distance. Your mom must have been awesome … she was a lucky gal to have a son like you, as you were to have her. Sending much love.

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