Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

In response to the WordPress Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

Vintage Shop
Victorian corner shop England

Penny Farthing Shop
Thomas Farthing corner shop London UK.
The penny farthing, also known as a high wheel, high wheeler is a type of bicycle with a large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel. It was popular after the boneshaker until the development of the safety bicycle in the 1880s. It was the first machine to be called a bicycle
Plough Pub London
The Plough c1855, a refurbished Victorian classic London corner pub in Bloomsbury evening time
Her Majesty's Treasury
Eastern end of Government Offices on the corner of Great George St and Parliament Street used by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and other departments
Bristol Cathedral
The Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity is the Church of England cathedral in the city of Bristol, England, commonly known as Bristol Cathedral. Founded in 1140
St Marcellas Church
Around the corner to the entrance of the grandest of all medieval Denbighshire parish churches, St. Marcellas north Wales, UK
The church is also known as Llanfarchell in Welsh, and Whitchurch or Eglwyswen after its original white-washed exterior that could be seen from miles around, treasured as the parish church for many years St Marcellas was lavishly rebuilt in the local double-naved style during the late 15th century, with an imposing tower and a noble range of big Perpendicular style windows.
Corner ruin on a very frosty morning at Valle Crucis Abbey located near Llangollen, north Wales, UK. Nearby is the Pillar of Eliseg, a ninth century stone cross partly destroyed during the civil war. This ancient monument gives the abbey its name, which translated is ‘the valley of the cross’.founded in 1201
St Celynnin Church
Peaceful corner inside St Celynnin Church, possibly one of the remotest churches in Wales and is amongst the oldest. A small and simple building, it probably dates from the 12th century and was pre-dated by an earlier church of timber, near Henryd, Conwy, north Wales, UK
St. Digain
Organ in the corner at St Digain’s Church, Llangernyw north wales is thought to date from the 13th century. Rebuilding in later centuries, especially the 19th, probably eradicated much of the medieval fabric, including the windows. The layout of the church, in the form of a cross, is unusual for this region, and probably follows the shape of the medieval building.
Decorative Mansion stairway.
Expensive corners in a decorative Mansion
Stairway Graffiti
scene of abandonment, Graffiti in the ancient british mansion stairway
I will have the corner one at Pangkor Laut off the West Coast of Malaysia along the Straits of Malacca, tropical island with rocky outcrops and beautiful rain forests

Thank you for looking, I always appreciate your visit :)

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