Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge:Optimistic

An Optimistic person thinks the best possible thing will happen, and hopes for it even if it’s not likely. If you see the glass as half-full when others see it as half-empty; if you look on the bright side of things, you’re optimistic.

The British are well known for their obsession with the weather, its been reported that our obsession runs so deep that almost 70 per cent of British people check the weather forecast at least once a day, as a photographer it’s important for me to plan my day out so i can maximise the best possible light, whether it’s for a sunrise, late afternoon soft light or a lovely sunset and on special times of the year the northern light, I’m always a littleΒ  optimistic that i will end up with at least a few good shots in any weather condition ….

For this weeks challenge I’ve decided to post a selection of my photos of the abandoned lighthouse at Talacre beach just a few miles away.

I’ve included this nice link to brighten up your day πŸ™‚

Lighthouse Rainbow
The storm came and so did the rain and rainbow, Talacre Beach Lighthouse, Flintshire, North Wales, UK
In need of a paint job, the abandoned lighthouse at Point of Ayre, Talacre Beach, Flintshire, North Wales, UK.
Talacre Lighthouse Sunset
Seascape Sunset at Talacre Lighthouse North Wales UK
Lighthouse Sunset
The old steps at Sunset, Talacre Lighthouse, north Wales UK
Lighthouse Sunset
Sunset at Talacre Beach, Flintshire, North Wales, UK
Lighthouse At Sunset
Talacre Lighthouse silhouette at sunset, north Wales UK
Lighthouse Silhouette
Talacre Lighthouse silhouette at sunset, north Wales UK
Talacre Beach
The storm at the abandoned lighthouse at Point of Ayre, Talacre Beach, Flintshire, North Wales, UK. Off-shore wind farm in the background
The leaning Lighthouse at Point of Ayre, Talacre Beach, Flintshire, North Wales, UK.


Should you wish to buy any of the images you will find many option Here

Thank you for looking, i always appreciate your visit πŸ™‚





16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

  1. Awesome….absolutely Ab Fab pix of the leaning lighthouse!! I clicked on the link and was pleased to note the weather in Conneaut, OH USA will be sunny and 28 C for the next week!! It sure beats today, which is cloudy w/ impending snow and windy at 31F.

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  2. I have a thing for lighthouses and would have a blast on Talacre beach. I love your stately photo (the first one), but then again all the other ones bursting in sunset light with your clever perspectives and angles are equally fabulous. Have a great week, Adrian!

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  3. Here in Australia, at least in Melbourne, the weather can change very drastically in a day. One moment it’s wet, one moment it’s sunny and we often say we have four seasons in a day. I check the weather about three or four time a day. You just never know πŸ™‚

    Beautiful photography, beautiful long exposures. Stunning vivid sunsets there with brilliant cloud cover. Sometimes timing is everything πŸ™‚

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