Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

The first WordPress Daily Post challenge of 2016 is β€œCircle”.

Here are some Circle I’ve captured during my photography outings, see if you can spot them all πŸ™‚

The Sphere
At-Bristol is a public science and technology “exploration” and education centre and charity in Bristol, England the project opened in 2000. Here we see the Planetarium housed within the large stainless-steel sphere
The Napier Bentley
The Napier Bentley is a vintage racing car; a one off special built in 1968 by David Llewellyn. It was built on a Sunbeam chassis, but after a serious accident was re-built on the chassis of a 1929 8 Litre Bentley. It has a 24 Litre Napier Sea Lion W12 boat engine based on the Napier Lion aeroplane engine which develops approximately 550 bhp. It is seen at historic racing events mostly in the United Kingdom.
Mine Wheel
Minera Lead Mines Wrexham, Wales UK The first written record of the lead miners of Minera dates from 1296. The mine became a success story in the 18th century. Between 1761 and 1781, the city companies as owners of the mineral rights received nearly 13,000 in royalties. The mine flourished again after 1849. The Minera Mining Company invested in a new pumping engine in 1857. A year later they installed a new winding engine to raise the lead ore and to work the mechanical ore crusher. Soon after the company built new ore bins, dressing floors for sorting the lead from the waste and the ore house for drying, weighing and sampling the lead ready for sale. All this equipment enabled miners to mine ore from the deepest veins in Minera, up to 400 metres below the surface. In 1884 a new dressing floor was opened at Roy’s Shaft with all the latest machinery. The Meadow Shaft site became a dumping ground. Gradually the dressing floors were buried. Only the actual Meadow Shaft remained in use and it closed in 1914.
Autumn Rapids
Autumn rapids at the Clywedog Valley, coedpoeth, Wrexham north Wales, UK
Lest we Forget
English Garden
Wooden Bench in an old English Garden at Spring
The Fairey Swordfish
The Fairey Swordfish was a biplane torpedo bomber designed by the Fairey Aviation Company, used by the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy during World War II
The Incline
A cable railway also known as an incline or inclined plane is a steeply graded railway that uses a cable or rope wound about a cable winch system similar to a ski lift mechanism powered by a stationary engine to haul trains on adversely steep grades. The Tank incline, a variation of the gravity balance incline was the “tank” incline found at several quarries in north Wales, These were worked by gravity, but instead of the wagons running on their own wheels, permanently attached angled wagons were used that had a horizontal platform on which the cargo-carrying wagons rode. Despite their name, these inclines were not a form of water balance incline
A Long Walk
A broken down 1961 BSA 650cc Motorcycle The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA) was a major British industrial combine, a group of businesses manufacturing military and sporting firearms; bicycles; motorcycles; cars; buses and bodies; steel; iron castings; hand, power, and machine tools; coal cleaning and handling plants; sintered metals; and hard chrome process. At its peak, BSA was the largest motorcycle producer in the world.
Bamboo Bike
Bamboo bike shop at Casa Manila museum in Intramuros Manila, Philippines depicting colonial lifestyle during Spanish colonisation. The museum is an imposing stone-and-wood structure circa 1850
Exploration Obelisk
Exploration Obelisk Bristol, UK Four sided obelisk is surmounted with a steel armillary sphere made by master blacksmith James Blunt – the whole sculpture standing about 18 feet high. Commissioned by Standard Life Assurance, it was intended to celebrate the mariners who departed from Redcliffe Quay in the 15th and 16th centuries to explore the New World. Men believed at that time that the Unknown deep was occupied by strange and frightening monsters. It was thought by mediaeval men that every animal from the land had a parallel under the Sea. The animals, often half fish, half beast, were based on those which appear in a great contemporary book found in the Chain Library of Wells cathedral. The creatures were modelled up in buff and terracotta clays. After glazing the pieces were embedded into polyester panels with stones and pebbles forming the background. The four panels were then screwed back to a stainless steel framework, and the armillary sphere fixed to the top.
Big Buddha Temple
Big Buddha sitting 15 meters tall was built in 1972 by the local society to give visitors a place to pay respect to The Lord Buddha. This monumental landmark is placed on the islands Northern shore of Koh Samui Thailand.
Franciscan Friary
The old Franciscan Friary Wales UK
Autumn Park
strange old piece of ironwork in the park, textured
Big Wheel
Fun fair at night
Beside Still Waters
St Peters was a church in what is now Castle Park, Bristol, England. The church has Saxon foundations, with a 12th-century lower tower, the rest of the church being built in the 15th century. Water feature called Beside Still Waters, by Peter Randall Page 1993.
Cathedral Glass
The Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity is the Church of England cathedral in the city of Bristol, England, and is commonly known as Bristol Cathedral. Founded in 1140
Decorative Hall
Decorative Mansion hallway and light dome
Victorian Kitchen Window
victorian kitchen with a view through the beautiful window
Phuttanimit Phra Saiyat
Wat Phuttanimit Phra Saiyat, Sahatsakhan District, Sahatsakhan, Thailand.
Old Mill
The old mill and autumn reflections
Old Mine
Victorian Mining village with the coal shaft, England
Buddha Thailand
A worn weathered sitting Golden Buddha
Llangollen Railway
Llangollen Railway forms part of the old Ruabon to Barmouth Line, All the stations along the track are of a typical Victorian design and each station has been recreated in 1950’s Great Western colour scheme. It is currently the longest preserved standard gauge line in Wales
Room of Swords
room full of victorian weapons in the old mansion
Church Font
Holy Trinity, dates back to 1853 and was consecrated two years later in 1855. It was restored in 1905 and includes a bell tower, large churchyard and attractive Victorian Gothic windows.
Victorian Bakery
victorian bakery with a fake rat on the table
We Will Remember
At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them

Thank you for looking, I always appreciate your visit :)

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

  1. I’m scared to ask how you got the photo of the Fairey Swordfish. Must have been an adventure for sure. Your indoor church images, something I always struggle with, are remarkable. Lucky you to be at Bodnant in both spring and autumn.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually Marian it was pretty easy, the seaside town i live at has an annual airshow and my dear old friend is the guy waving in the back, indoor are pretty simple if your camera can has the option for Exposure bracketing and you have a tripod plus some software …. did i say it was simple lol. Bodnant is only about 20 mins away from me, i should have looked out for you in June πŸ™‚


  2. Your images are wonderful, Adrian … what fun I had scrolling down and finding the circles in each image!!!! As always with you, the subjects fascinate and the tonal values and colors just mesmerize!!! Wonderful, each and every one!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your gallery is amazing Adrian. I’m becoming a big fan of HDR and find myself wanting to do more of it. I just love how it looks and you do it so well.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. How do you store your photos? Did you have a cross reference system with the word wheel or circle in the descriptions? You have varied themes and places and that is why I asked. I am curious about other photographers storage as I have a bit of a workflow problem.

    Liked by 1 person

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