3 thoughts on “52 in 2015 Week 35 Monument

  1. Hi Adrian. I’m following your blog. Because you have created a post I automatically get an email sent to me from WordPress telling me that you have created a post. It also gives me a link so I can come and view that post. But I also get an email telling me you have linked to one of my posts. If I approve it, which I have done. If you now go and look at my post again you will see that the comment is there from you but if you click on the Adrian Evans Photography it now takes you back to your site.

    This is generating traffic which Google likes.


  2. Have a look at this. It’s the WordPress Weekly Challenge https://dailypost.wordpress.com/category/photo-challenges/

    This week is Grid and the challenge ends Friday, usually afternoon, when WordPress push out a new challenge. You need to Follow the Daily Posts to be automatically advised of the next weeks challenge. This is where I picked up a lot of my followers by starting on the Weekly Challenge. It doesn’t happen straight away, It’s a slow build-up.

    Now that I’ve commented it will probably be awaiting moderation. You need to approve it. I’ve got mine set that once I have approved a comment from someone they are allowed to comment without waiting approval.


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